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on narrating through shifts in material consciousness

'...aesthetics can be derived from the enforced malfunctioning of technologies; here the incorrect use of materials and machines (designed for other non-filmic purposes) sustains damage to their mechanisms or their users, or generates unfamiliar, enlarged, rapidly moving and unevenly registered filmic imagery.'


- Smith, V. (2015). The Animator's Body in Expanded Cinema. Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal.



Still, Symphony N°4: Turbulent Displacement

Expansion through mediums becomes a way of discovering the self that began with oneness, then outside-of-body experience to merging back into an extension of self. All in all, this highlights one common aspect pervasive in anything living, the need to register aliveness. This expansion and rummaging around is an alleviation of the pain of existence, in finding joy and curiosity for innovation that sets us on a voyage, only to find ourselves deeply entwined in the inevitable.

Such attempts become a record of materiality, of transmission, and of expansion of not just discrete perceptions but of a collective experience. The process creates an exploration of ways of being and identities extending beyond the binaries, also permeating into realisation of senses. However, what is the experience like in the lack of an essential sensory perception and which other sense is heightened in its place? For a blind eye, what does it see, just like a mushroom functioning on olfactory levels.

Sequence 01.00_07_32_14.Still003.jpg

Still  Symphony N°4: Turbulent Displacement

Like the golden spiral, that seems to be circling back into itself till it departs further but still retains the trajectory of its path, the discovery, interaction, and amusement will continue till expansion and mutation become two outcomes of the same coin. Expansion also overlaps with sourcing materials, mimicking the lived experiences where quest not only serves curiosity but also caters to the needs for convenience.

STRAY PROMPT Does the water expand its visibility through color or does the color expand itself while traveling through the liquid medium

MEDIUM/STYLE Like water, in water-soluble, a float, a little less loud, insulated like in a womb, fluid to find relief and release, like how ink spreads in water

call it Turbulent Displacement in the spirit of both the theme and technical process involved

Sequence 01.00_08_48_06.Still002.jpg

Still  Symphony N°4: Turbulent Displacement

Through the skin of our bodies and lived experiences, violence, defense, and eventual resurgence mutates us perpetually.

Symphony N°4: Turbulent Displacement is an encapsulation of the inevitable turmoil, serving as a reflection on resilience through suffering. The irony of pace strikes through the work, a short format medium for an excruciatingly drawn out lived moment, familiar to the course of existence. In tandem with the spirit of Expanded Cinema and Animation, this is an animated audio-visual iteration converging sentiments and aesthetics evoked through curiosity for both philosophical and technological explorations beyond the need for functional fulfillment.

A/V, Symphony N°4: Turbulent Displacement

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