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In a bid to understand the nature of cultural identity and cultural heritage taking shape at the grassroots level across the globe, youth in the neighborhoods of New Delhi and New Mexico interacted through a virtual exchange program titled Voices From the Margins. Over a period of six months, the project involved weekly virtual interactions of teams from both nations. Exploring the ways in which one collects cultural features to create identities and their struggle with marginalization, the participants engaged in thematic discussions and exercises in spoken and written word format, visual and performing arts. The insights gained stressed the need for constant evaluation of inherited norms, contents in pop culture, and places for everyday interactions to create an accessible 'third state', encouraging the coexistence of diverse voices. The program was a collaboration between Global 1 to 1 (USA) and KHOJ Studios (India) and supported by World Learning and the U.S. Department of State. 

You can take a look at snippets of the performance and behind the scenes of the exhibition in New Mexico here.

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